At our farm we use organic farming. This means that our goal is to follow the principles of sustainable farming and breeding. We became an organic farm in 2000 and meet all certification requirements. Our livestock are outdoor bred throughout the year. They are raised sustainably on pasture during the summer, whereas during the winter they are additionally fed on fodder from our organic agriculture and pastures. These factors are of great importance for the well-being and health of our livestock, thus having a significant impact on the savour and quality of meat.

The cattle bred on our pastures are of German Angus breed, whereas the horses come from the Slovenian cold-blooded breed. Pigs raised on our farm belong to the autochothonous Krško polje breed.

Apart from livestock breeding, our activities are based on horticulture and agriculture. Our farm boasts a number of orchards where old apple varieties are grown, from which our apple juice and vinegar are produced. At lunchtime, you will be served with our organic home grown vegetables and you will have the pleasure to savour our cured meat products.